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To check what access you have to broadband and find out more information on what East Sussex County Council is doing with regards to rural broadband visit eSussex here.

Please also see the information on the Basic Broadband Subsidy Scheme from the Goverment here

Boost Broadband Speed

If you are having trouble with your broadband below is some information that may be of assitance, 

Exert taken from the Money Saving Expert website, the full article can be found here.

"If you're reading this guide, you probably think your connection's slower than it should be. But just how slow is it? Do a free speed test for an indication of your download (taking data from the web) and upload (sending data) speeds.

Broadbandchoices' Speed Tester is tried and tested, plus forumites love Ookla's Speedtest.net. Others to try are uSwitch's Broadband Speed Test and MoneySupermarket's Broadband Speedtest. If you can, try a few to get a range of results and record speeds at different times of the day to get a full picture. If speeds are faster at night, it's a sign your provider's busy during the day, and possibly resorting to traffic-shaping (where some connections are prioritised) to manage bandwidth."

Additional information in the above article includes:
Ditch & switch to a speedier provider
Quick tips to boost your line's power
Reposition your router
Get a special widget to cut interference
Fine tune your Wi-Fi signal
Use your home's electrical wiring
Try a wireless booster
Give your PC a spring clean
Consider a software boost
How to complain about your provider

There is also a guide from WHICH called I'm not getting the broadband speed I was promised, what can I do? which may be of help.