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Chafford Lane sluice, River Medway.

The Chafford Lane sluice on the River Medway near Fordcombe is in need of maintenance, and the Environment Agency is proposing to avoid this and future maintenance costs by removing the sluice altogether, returning the upstream stretch of the river to what it suggests would be a more natural state, with a much reduced water level. This would clearly have a large impact on current usage of this stretch of the river. An article setting out these proposals, written by Dr. Chris Gardner of the South East Rivers Trust, may be found here, any comments may be directed to Dr. Gardner at chris@southeastriverstrust.org. There will also be a consultation event at Fordcombe Village Hall on Thursday the 30th of March, from 4pm to 8pm.

Withyham Parish Council is currently considering its position on this matter and will submit its response in due course.