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Withyham Parish Council's Councillors

We do ask that where possible you make the Parish Office your first point of call on 01892 864557. For Councillor’s contact details please click here.

Withyham Parish Council
Councillor Ward Photograph
Cllr Robin Ashby Withyham/Blackham
Cllr Stephen Whittaker Withyham/Blackham
Cllr Jonathan Kelly Withyham/Blackham
Cllr Keith Obbard Withyham/Blackham
Cllr Gwen Butcher Groombridge
Cllr Anne Jenkins Groombridge
Cllr Diana Kelly Groombridge
Cllr Andrew Fane Groombridge
Cllr Linsey Winter Groombridge
Cllr Nick Anderson Groombridge
Cllr Marcus Tarling St John's
Cllr Jill Pardey St John's
Cllr Jane Clare St John's