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Withyham Parish Council's 5 Year Plan 2016-2021 'FORWARD FOR 5'

Please click here to view a copy of the Parish Plan Forward for 5. You can also request copies from the parish office.

Parish Plan Group

During the summer of 2015 Withyham Parish Council set up the Parish Plan Working Group made up of Councillors and non Councillors. Together they considered the results of the parish plan survey within the context of Local Government changes, and devised a set of frameworks across 7 areas - housing and planning, assets and services, roads and transport, leisure and tourism, local businesses, crime and policing, and young and older people.

This work was helped through a grant from 'Our Place', and the result has been an Operational Plan, which considers the setting up of a Community Workforce. Also from the work of the Group and the Parish Council is a document 'Forard for 5' which summariese the intentions of the Parish Council for the next 5 years across the framework areas. That document was first made available at the Annual Parish Assembly on 19th March 2016.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete out Parish Plan suvey, here is a link to the summary document of what people said. We now need to develop this into a plan for Withyham Parish Council to work to for the next 5 years. Please let us know if you would like to help, and/or send us your comments by emailing the Clerks.

Withyham Parish Council’s (WPC) last Parish Plan was published in 2008 and was intended as a 5 year plan. Its objective was ‘To reflect the needs of the parishioners of Withyham and to ensure that the character of the community is maintained, whilst embracing change in a manner that enhances or strengthens the quality of life for its residents.’ It outlined the key issues highlighted by residents that would drive the work of WPC for the period of the plan.

In 2014 a group of residents were convened by Cllr Bowler to agree the content of a survey to inform the next Parish Plan. It contained questions on how people felt about living in the parish as well as about housing, flooding, services, dogs, crime prevention, cars and speed limits, road hazards, businesses in the parish, transport, parish information, parish facilities, leisure activities, tourism, what improvements could be made for young people, activities or clubs they would like to see for young people, key issues facing young people, and asked for one aspect of the greatest priority for the parish plan.

There were also questions specific to young people asking what they do and do not like about living in the parish, whether they see themselves remaining in the parish when they grow up.

This survey was available online on Surveymonkey, as well as in hardcopy. There was a link to it on WPCs website which was added in April 2014, and it was advertised through WPCs newsletter and Facebook page and all three parish magazines from April 2014. The Chair held drop in sessions at Blackham, Withyham, St John’s and Groombridge in September 2014. The deadline for responses was October 2014.