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The Postmistress of Groombridge Post Office on Station Road, Groombridge, is retiring in

September 2020 after many years of serving our parish.

With her retirement the Post Office will close unless the Parish Council steps in.

We conducted a survey to see whether the Post Office was required in the Parish. 

98.9% of responders said
YES they would support Withyham Parish Council in its efforts to secure the future of Groombridge Post Office.

94.8% of responders from the Parish said 
YES they would support their council tax being used to secure and staff the post office. 

The full results of the consultation are available here.

Comments showed that many of our residents (including our local businesses, the self-employed, those working from home and the elderly) rely on Groombridge Post Office with its easy access and parking.

They also value the accessibility of the other shops and services around the hub of the post office.

To read the full update and options paper (written 4th June 2020) considered by June Council, please click here

To apply for borrowing Withyham Parish Council must show parish support for the project.

If you did not respond to our May survey, We need to hear from you.

Email, write or phone by noon on 13th July to let us know if:

              1. You support the Parish Council taking on the post office provision Yes/No

              2. You support the Parish Council increasing Precept to do so Yes/No

              3. You wish to register any other comments.

All responses must contain your name and address. Please do not respond if you have already completed our survey. 

Email : Clerk - clerk@withyhamparishcouncil.org.uk       Tel : 01892 864557

Address : Withyham Parish Council: The Old Station, Station Road, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells TN3 9RD.