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In 2019/20 Withyham Parish Council's Precept is £139,306 (based on a budgeted expenditure of £153,252 and income of £13,946)

This equates to a total annual bill of £105.33 per year per Band D property, an increase of 51p per week on 2018/19.

The total council tax contribution that householders make is shared between East Sussex County Council , Wealden District Council , Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner , East Sussex Fire Authority, and the town or parish council (the precept).

Withyham Parish has approximately 3000 residents and falls under the local government of Wealden District Council which, in turn, comes under East Sussex County Council. The Parish is divided into 3 electoral wards: Groombridge (New), St John’s and Withyham/Blackham. The latter is the largest area, though the least populated; the key densities of population being Groombridge and St John’s.


There are many financial pressures on the Parish Council, and how we spend our budget is carefully considered. You may be surprised at the range of services that we have to fund and deliver.

The budget includes day to day expenditure on...

Þ Maintenance of parish assets and outdoor spaces including Groombridge Recreation Ground, St John’s Reading Room land, Teasley Mead and Balls Green play area

Þ Waste services, including emptying litter and dog bins

Þ Road side amenities such as street lighting, finger posts and grit bins

...and community resources such as...

Þ Grants to local groups and organisations (read more in the article on page 2)

Þ Community bus ‘Wealdlink’

Þ Parish office

Þ Annual litter pick

Þ Newsletter

Þ Costs relating to the Annual Parish Assembly and other Parish events

Þ Monitoring, reporting and involvement in footpaths and bridleways through our Rights of Way team

Þ Keeping an eye on our roads through our Road Safety Committee

As if this isn’t a huge demand, reduction in Local Government funding may see services you take for granted, reduced in the future by County and District councils. Your Parish Council may have to consider stepping in to fill the void in our community, resulting in further calls on the budget.