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East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is responsible for highways and their improvements. Where road safety projects meet their priorities, they will fund these in full (priority criteria can be obtained by contacting ESCC). In many cases, projects do not meet ESCC's priorities for full funding and it is possible that in these cases the Parish Council will look at addressing the issue either through education, engineering or enforcement. Sometimes this will require the Parish Council to make an application to ESCC for match funding.

The Parish Council has a limited budget and as such, whilst there are several potential projects at any one time, it also has to prioritise them and cannot always support all projects. Experience has also shown that even with Parish Council support, projects can take time to be realised.

The Road Safety Committee of the Parish Council has a role is recommending to the Council how it should proceed with potential projects and attached are guidelines and forms that members of the public should complete in order to start this process. 

Process for Road Project proposals

Road Safety & Capex Project Form

Road Safety Committee Capex Policy