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Blackham's web site www.blackham-village.co.uk acts as a key resource for preservation of the village's history and to network current and past villagers.

Groombridge has a site http://www.groombridge.com/ which aims to provide links to other sites connected with the village of Groombridge.

The following village halls are in Withyham Parish:

Blackham Village Hall - Please click here for further information.

Groombridge Village Hall - Please click here for further information.

Kings Hall, Withyham - Please click here for further information. For any enquiries please email withyham.hall@gmail.com

St John's Village Memorial Hall - Please click here for further information.

The Parish of St John the Evangelist,Crowborough - Please click here for further information. For any enquiries please contact Te: 07910 493099 or
e-mail stjohnscrowboroughhall@gmail.com